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This is good_lims , a LIMS community that is different from the rest.
Usually the problem with LIMS communities is that while oodles of talent may participate, the voters seem a little behind the times in terms of what good icons are like. So, because of this unfortunate occurance,
colorbox & verygoodbread have decided to make this a LIMS community where the voters have to apply.
If you'd like to apply, please do so here.

001. Please FRIEND the community, so you can watch for updates and then sign up at this post

002. If you are accepted to participate then JOIN the community.

003. Have your icons in before Friday at 9 PM, if you don't have it in by then you will either use a skip or you will be disqualified

004. During voting we will ask you to vote for the worst icon(s) and your favorite icon

005. For the challenges you may only use the images that we provide - YOU CAN ADD BRUSHES, TEXTURES, STOCK, ETC, but no blending of multiple images that we give you.

006. Your icon just fit LJ standards, which is no larger than 100x100 and smaller than 40kb

007. Animated icons are also allowed.

tags - voter app - sign up
profile layout - override

icons used in voting application process:
bliccy peterphoenix peopleareshapes
verygoodbread colorbox ack_attack
call_me_daisyblindbeats reverberating

good icons, intelligent voters