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14 April 2008 @ 03:46 pm
new challenge  
So if you haven't joined the community then do it now and I would suggest that you also watch it so you don't miss any posts so you don't get disqualified.
Also you can apply to be a voter at any time. I will post the list of voters sometime this week and I will update it as new people arrive.

Participation is low, and I can only attribute to the fact that my challenges SUCK. SO this one doesn't. For this challenge I want you to go here - apple movie trailers and then I want you to create a movie poster based on the description when you click on one of the movies. I would like the width to be 400x600. Use the existing poster (if there is one) for inspiration, but don't copy it verbatim.  Please also comment with the link to the description of it on apple.

Same posting format, picture with the link underneath

Entries are due next Monday (April 21st)  before midnight (so before Sunday) Eastern Time.
Reply to this post with your entry in this fashion:


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